The Student Guide to Biodesign is being developed by a team of Stanford Biodesign instructors, staff, and students who are passionate about education and making high-quality learning materials available and accessible to all.

The materials are intended to provide an “on ramp” to the biodesign innovation process for undergraduate students and other learners who want a quick start on their health technology innovation projects. The multimedia toolkits that make up the Student Guide currently cover most of the steps in the first two phases of the process – identify and invent. They also include new perspectives and examples based on our most recent experiences with students teams in one and two-quarter courses. Our hope is that this information provides a helpful resource for learning the need-driven biodesign approach, with more detail and guidance available in the Biodesign textbook and on ebiodesign.org, as needed.

Please note that the Student Guide to Biodesign is available for non-commercial, educational purposes only. See Stanford’s Terms of Use for more information.

On behalf of the entire Student Guide team, thank you for your interest in this project…and happy innovating!

Dan Azagury
Alex Bradfield
Annie Brantigan
Michelle de Haaff
Kate Denend
Lyn Denend
Richard Fan

Jessica Herrmann
Antje Kirschner
Linda Lucian
Ravi Pamnani
Juliana Perl
Doug Rait
Susie Spielman

Joe Towles
Ross Venook
James Wall
Shiqin Xu
Bryce Yao
Paul Yock

Request to all readers
The Student Guide continues to be a work in progress! Our plan is to update, improve, and expand the form and content over time. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share your feedback with us.

Request to instructors
If you would like permission to leverage some or all of this content for non-commercial, educational purposes in your own course(s) or program(s), please contact Lyn Denend at denend@stanford.edu.